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Immigration Law

Australian immigration laws and policies change quite frequently, which leads to frustration and uncertainty among temporary visa holders. We stay on top of constantly changing immigration policy and the applicable case law. We can assist you with all types of visa lodgements to appealing visa refusal/cancellations at Administrative Appeals Tribunals and/or Federal Law Courts.


Our strong background in migration means that we can deliver you the results that you seek. In the immigration jurisdiction, we offer the following services

  • Business Visa

  • Partner/ De Facto Visa

  • Employer-Sponsored Visa

  • Skilled Visas

  • Parent Visa

  • Protection/ Refugee Visa

  • Student Visa

  • Student Guardian Visa

  • Course Change

  • Labour Agreements

  • Corporate Migration

  • Merits Reviews

  • Judicial Reviews

  • Ministerial Interventions

  • Citizenship Applications

  • Submissions to the Department of Home Affairs

  • Notice of Intention to Consider Cancel Visa (NOICC)

** Get in touch with our friendly staff to enquire about our complete range of legal services offered by us **

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