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Experienced Traffic Lawyers

Traffic Law

Traffic law is a branch of criminal law that mainly affects your privilege to drive.  A breach of traffic laws could result in heavy fines, mandatory loss of driver's licence, criminal record or imprisonment at worst, therefore, it is absolutely crucial to seek legal advice when facing traffic law-related charges. We can assist with the following matters within Traffic law:

  • Heavy Vehicle National Law

  • NHVR Prosecutions

  • Enforceable Undertakings

  • Logbook Offences for Truck Drivers

  • Mass/ Dimension Offences

  • Drink/ Drug Driving

  • Appeals against Immediate Driving Ban

  • Excessive Speeding

  • Driving whilst disqualified/suspended

  • Careless/Dangerous Driving

  • Hooning Offences

  • Hit and Run

  • Vehicle Immobilisation and Impoundment

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